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skyrant has a new owner.

flack Online
Skyrant has been sold off to a new owner, about 3 months ago, who is named Zhu.

We haven't made this public before because we didn't want to panic existing or new customers, but as you can see, nothing has changed during this time besides that V1 has been discontinued and V2 received main focus.

Me, the owner since 1 and half years, have been helping out throughout support the past months, alongside with Aertemis, but i'm stepping down entirely from now n.

Aertemis will still remain to do support as he has been doing for 2 years now.
The new owner will still do whatever he has been doing for 3 months now.

Nothing has changed, nothing will change, same developer is still in place as well, same support, just a different owner.

We wanted to let you know out of courtesy but i also wanted to say goodbye to the project i've build up for so long.

Thank you for all support throughout the years, and goodbye!

New support discord: Aertemisnew#9569

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