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Hey everyone, my name's ZHU.

I just wanted to come on here to give a brief introduction and greet everyone that uses our product.

I've known about Skyrant since the inception of it back in 2020, and I have known the previous Owner for a good while prior to him offering it to me.

Things that I want to get out of the way so that there aren't going to be any questions/confusion is that:

- Nothing about the product will be changing at all.
- Pricing will always stay the same, but duration of the subscriptions may change as demand changes.
- Support & Security will always be our upmost priority, bar none.

Updates will be made if there are ever any problems, but I'm sure that I will have improvements to our product long before we ever run into any issues. 

It will always be my goal to cater to the individuals who value their main accounts in game, and for those who already have a deep understanding of game mechanics and need a cherry on top.

I repeat, NOTHING will EVER change about Skyrant, but it is also my desire to bring this forum alive, as well as to bring on more resellers to market our product to the great playerbase.

Thank you, and please don't ever hesitate to PM me privately to ask any questions or concerns!

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