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01-02-2023, 02:50 AM (This post was last modified: 01-05-2023, 06:32 PM by flack.)
To make everything easier to understand we've decided to create this thread, explaining what each and every product exactly is, which isn't too hard to understand once you know more about our history.

Vipercheats is a re-release of our old Skyrant V1 source, the very original source that has served and grown the Skyrant community for a year and a half. This is the product that made Skyrant famous and took our brand towards what it is today.
The reason of this re-release was simple, there was demand for a more simplistic (lite) version of Skyrant V2, at a lower price to also give individuals with a lower budget the chance so that also they could enjoy safety and a long term product while cheating.
For this we only offer a Lifetime option with weekly private builds, for a low price of only $95!

Both Vipercheats and Skyrant V2 have the same safety protocols.

Skyrant V2 is the second version of the Skyrant Core. Within the first one and half years of running Skyrant V1 we've received some feedback and feature requests, originally we weren't planning on making these updates to avoid turning our tool in something too advanced, but overtime we understood why certain features could be useful and make things easier for the player while in game, once setup. So Skyrant V2 was born, this is also when we took Skyrant V1 sales down to later re-release as Vipercheats as explained above.
For Skyrant V2 we offer a weekly ($49), Monthly ($75) and Lifetime ($250) packages, each subscription includes a weekly private build to guarantee the same safety that Skyrant V1 aka Vipercheats has.

Daily Private Builds Subscription is a package for the hardcore player who wants to remain absolutely safe for the extreme long term, we consider this to be overkill for majority of players however, there was a big demand for this so we decided to give a hearing to that demand and we could also understand why certain individuals would want such a subscription, so the "Daily Private Builds Subscription" model was born.
This subscription grants you 1 private build, per day, for an entire month, at a low cost of $84 which isn't profitable for Skyrant either, those funds go directly to the person creating the private builds in exchange for his time and efforts, each and every day!


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