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skyrant v3 is released!

flack Online
Lately we've been working on a new version of Skyrant and here we are to present to you, Skyrant V3!
And we are thrilled to provide everyone with a bullet proof product, we continue to strive for a better end product, and we STILL continue to offer superior security.

Skyrant V2 will remain to exist as well, this will not shut down and sales continue at a cheaper pricing point.

Skyrant V3 is a completely rewritten source code, where we not only included the perfect triggerbot, but we've also gone outside the box, developing other features that are fully external and will remain safe for many years to come, this is where we've introduced the first external radar in the world, based on sound frequency levels which could be compared to fortnite's sound virtualization feature, but compatible for all FPS games, beating any headset on the market with much further range and a lot more accuracy, we've also implemented a fully external recoil crosshair feature, this is a secondary (or main) crosshair in-game, that will track the recoil of your gun, showcasing you exactly where the bullets of your gun are landing so you don't have to guess, saving you from many situations which usually would have gotten you killed.
All these features combined are focused on providing you a very high advantage in-game over other players, with a reliable product that will hold up for years to come.

Skyrant V3 key features:
* Daily private builds
* External Radar
* Triggerbot
* Recoil Crosshair

There is a discount coupon available for anyone who wishes to upgrade from Skyrant V2 lifetime towards Skyrant V3 lifetime if you deem necessary, but again, Skyrant V2 will not be shut down!
Contact Aertemisnew#9569 on discord for the coupon, discount depends on when you've bought Skyrant V2 Lifetime, late buyers get a bigger discount of course.

[Image: ZcDPpdk.png]

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