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skyrant v3 updates (09-05-23 - dd/mm/yy)

flack Online
We've performed some updates on Skyrant V3.

* Recoil Crosshair has been released, supporting Vandal (this can replace your crosshair in valorant entirely if you wish but can also work as secondary crosshair to showcase where the recoil if your Vandal is going.)
* You can customize your recoil crosshair looks however you want it to look.
* You can now enable/disable features separately, for example if you only want to use the recoil crosshair, or the triggerbot only, you can now do so.
* Triggerbot accuracy has been heavily improved based on user feedback throughout the past weeks resulting in a much more polished product.
* Triggerbot now allows you to enter your own custom color, for perfect accuracy on any color panel/pc.
* You can now download unlimited private builds automatically, every day, in your web dashboard.

You will need to download a new private build from the dashboard to make use of these updates.

You demand, we listen & we develop Wink

Enjoy these latest V3 updates!

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